In order to open P2P lending for people in different circumstances, we try to provide services that are profitable and flexible.

Potential earnings from 5% to 15% p.a.

Potential earnings at PeerCredit can range from 5% to 15% p.a. As you obtain a share in all existing loans on the platform, the exact interest depends on the loans made and changes over time. You can calculate your potential return in our investment calculator >>

Flexible withdrawal

At PeerCredit you don’t have to decide about your investment period in advance. You are able to request a withdrawal of your invested funds anytime for free. Learn more about how to request a withdrawal >>

Provision fund, dynamic diversification and credit-check of borrowers

The Provision fund will have an initial size of £15,000 and will cover all repayments that are more than 2 months late. To reduce the risk of capital loss, all borrowers are properly credit-checked and your investment is dynamically distributed among all existing loans on the platform and re-distributed when new borrowers are  approved. This enables your capital to ‘keep moving’, which increases the probability that your investment will bring you a return and earn interest. Learn more about how your capital is protected >> 

Capital at risk

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