We aim to make investing at our platform straightforward and simple.

  • You don’t have to make a decision about risk within the platform

All lenders on the platform earn the same rate and share the risk, as all lenders have a share in all existing loans (investments are rematched with loans dynamically in real time; you can learn more about how it works here >>).

  • You don’t have to decide about the investment period in advance

You can request a withdrawal of invested funds anytime in your user account. Your money will be withdrawn as soon as there are enough liquid funds on the platform. This can take some time, so we strongly recommend that you  request a withdrawal in advance (learn more >>).

You can set up the automatic reinvestment of your earnings and automatic investment of your incoming deposits according to your preferences:

  • Reinvestment of any earnings

By default, your earnings are automatically reinvested. If your earnings are reinvested, you can potentially earn more as your money keeps working for you. If you wish, you can change this in your account settings, and your earnings will not be reinvested.

  • Automatic investment of incoming deposits

By default, all your incoming deposits are automatically invested in loans. After you send money from your bank account, you don’t have to think about the administration of your investment anymore, and your money could start earning as soon as it is transferred to PeerCredit. If you wish, you can change this in your account settings.

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