PeerCredit is a peer-to-peer lending platform. As a PeerCredit investor, you can lend your money directly to people who seek an affordable loan. When borrowers repay their loans, you get your capital back and enjoy an interest rate that may be higher than in a bank. On average, the interest rate at PeerCredit will range from 5% to 15%.

Investing at PeerCredit is straightforward and fully online. 

  • You register and deposit the amount that is convenient to you (no limits are set)
  • Your portfolio is diversified across the platform
  • You get your capital back and earn interest as the borrowers repay
  • In case of default payments, we will try to pay you back via the PeerCredit Provision fund 

We have included various mechanisms to help protect your investments against the risk of loss (learn more >>). However, please be aware that by investing at PeerCredit, your capital is at risk. Instant access is not guaranteed and there is no FSCS protection on the loans made.

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