To properly evaluate your loan application and offer you the best possible rate, we will need to know more about your financial conditions. You will be requested to upload your bank account statements for at least the last 3 months.

Follow these steps to easily acquire and submit your bank account statements:

1. Request the bank account statements of all your bank accounts for at least the last 3 months 

  • You can download them from online banking or ask for a copy in your bank branch (depending on your banking services)
  • Feel free to provide us with statements for a longer period (3 month minimum). This could help you to get an even better interest rate.

2. Save the statements to your computer in a .pdf, .jpg. or .png format

  • If you download the statements from online banking, just save the documents to your computer. Please make sure that the documents are not protected with a password. Remove the password protection if needed. Otherwise we will not be able to open your statements.
  • If you use a paper copy of the statements, make a scan or photo of the statements and save it to your computer. The copies must be in colour.

3. Make sure that the documents are readable and high quality. Check our detailed quality requirements here >>

4. Upload the documents to your loan application. Statements must be in .jpg, .png or .pdf format. We cannot accept documents in Excel or Word or documents that have been downloaded in Excel or Word and subsequently converted into a correct format.

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