Start using PeerCredit Friend Loans. Create a new friend or family loan to manage with these four simple steps.

  1. Register at PeerCredit for free. Use your social media account on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, or use your name and valid email address.
  2. Agree on the loan conditions. Talk with your friend about ‘how much’, for ‘how long’ and at ‘what interest rate’. The easy two-step form at PeerCredit guides you through all the necessary loan details to be agreed on (e.g. loan amount, interest rate, payment method etc.).
  3. Send the loan proposal. After filling in all the details, you can send the loan proposal to the second party through the platform. You can also save the loan record for yourself without sending it to anyone.
  4. Manage the loan. After the second party accepts your proposal, both of you gain access to a shared repayment schedule where you can view and manage repayments, send messages to each other, upload important documentation on the loan or send reminders.

Ready for your friend loan?

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