PeerCredit Friend Loans

Currently we are offering our PeerCredit Friend Loans service that allows you to record and manage a loan with a friend or family member for free. After you register at PeerCredit, you can create a new loan proposal as a lender or borrower. 

Then you can send the proposal to the second party through the platform. After the second party accepts your proposal, you both gain access to a shared repayment schedule. Here you can make notes on dates when you send or receive scheduled payments, send reminders, send messages to each other or upload important documents.

PeerCredit Simple Loans

Soon our customers will be able to benefit from our PeerCredit Simple Loans service in which lenders are automatically matched with creditworthy borrowers. The innovative matching of investments with loans provides our lenders with a 100% diversification of their portfolio and unprecedented flexibility. We are continuously innovating our credit scoring procedures to make fair and affordable loans accessible to everyone.

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